Aug 2, 2021

A Space For Everyone: KidSpace Officially Launches At LCC

kidSpace Lancaster country club

Gone are the days when country clubs were only open to heads of household. Today, Lancaster Country Club is proud to create a welcoming, family-friendly environment where there’s something for every member of the family. 

Although the LCC welcomes all members and their families, our previous setup wasn’t ideal for childcare. Kids and LCC staff roamed the club looking for available rooms, which usually weren’t set up to entertain children. 

That’s why LCC planned a safe haven for kids as part of our “A Defining Moment” expansion project. KidSpace officially opened on July 16, 2021 as a year-round amenity that provides a safe, appropriate area for kids to be kids. 

We believe that the country club environment isn’t just for adults. Legacies are made at LCC, and that means including every family member in the fun.

Why KidSpace matters

We consulted with our members to see what amenities and services would make their LCC membership even more valuable. Childcare was a big priority for our members, and that’s why KidSpace was an important addition during “A Defining Moment” renovations.

KidSpace offers value to everyone in the family. This childcare option allows the club to open up adults-only events without putting the burden of securing childcare on our members. 85% of parents wish they could go on date nights, but childcare challenges often get in the way—in fact, 30% of parents haven’t been on a date in over 6 months!

KidSpace gives LCC members greater peace of mind so they can enjoy a date night at Flynn Grille, a round of golf with friends, or a group class in the fitness center without worrying about their children. Instead of hiring a sitter out of your home, you can bring your kids with you to LCC for up to 4 hours of childcare in a safe and trustworthy environment.

Kids love KidSpace, too! KidSpace is outfitted with amenities, toys, games, and friends to pass the time. If your child doesn’t want to spend their day with you on the green, KidSpace is sure to provide hours of entertainment. This space is comfortable and designed specifically for kids aged 3 to early teens. KidSpace is just one of the many ways our members’ children can engage with each other and forge friendships that truly last a lifetime. 

KidSpace features

LCC’s team thoughtfully designed KidSpace to include all of the amenities that our members and their children will enjoy. Located in our 20,000 square foot Activities Pavilion, KidSpace is a brand-new space that provides a trusted childcare option for our members.

We staff KidSpace with LCC’s Summer Camp counselors who likely already know your child. This means your children will always see a familiar, welcoming face when they go to KidSpace.

KidSpace includes practical and fun amenities like: 

  • Meals and snacks
  • A LEGO activity table
  • Foosball
  • Air hockey
  • A crafts table
  • TV
  • Board games
  • Child-safe furnishing with rounded corners, plush seating, tip-proof chairs, and spill-proof fabric
  • Secure outdoor terrace
  • Toys and games for various ages

KidSpace is open Fridays and Saturdays from 5 PM to 9 PM. If you’d like to use KidSpace during the week, it’s available by reservation with 48 hours’ notice. KidSpace offers more than just childcare, too: it’s perfect for kids’ events and birthday parties!

The bottom line

Lancaster Country Club believes in making the country club experience accessible and valuable for young families. KidSpace offers a safe area for kids that helps both parents and their children have a great time at the club. So feel free to cancel your babysitter: LCC’s KidSpace makes the club a true one-stop destination for families.

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