Apr 22, 2021

5 Ways to Grow Your Business with a Country Club Membership

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Talent and experience are important in the world of business, but if you want to really take your career to the next level, it’s all about personal connections. The country club is a perfect destination for high-powered professionals who want to both unwind and boost their business acumen.

Double-dip on your country club benefits, enjoying the club’s relaxing amenities for both work and pleasure. Not sure how to use the country club for business? Lancaster Country Club’s members boost their career at the club in 5 ways.

1. Retain your top-performers

You want to keep employees at your company. In fact, employee turnover can cost over $15,000 per lost employee. In a competitive labor market, you have to get creative with your benefits. Keep your top-performers satisfied with fun perks like a country club membership. This gives your employees the chance to unwind after work so they’re ready to focus at 8 AM sharp.

Lancaster Country Club is perfect for C-suite and executive leadership membership options. Whether you offer country club membership as a perk, or as a team building experience for your management team, it’s a great addition to any retention package.

2. Entertain clients

A high-paying client is in town for the day. Don’t entertain them in a stuffy boardroom or hotel bar; bring your clients to the country club. This gives your clients an unforgettable, luxurious experience that puts them at ease while you talk business.

Got a difficult client? A trip to the country club is a great way to loosen them up before chatting about their account. It’s also a great way to impress prospective clients. Enjoy some time on the 27-hole green before settling in for a delicious dinner at the Flynn Bar and Grille, making a fun outing out of your business meeting.

3. Forge new connections

Business success often comes down to a strong social network. Ditch the name tags and awkward networking events for something genuine at Lancaster Country Club. The experienced, successful business professionals in our inclusive community cover a wide range of industries. There’s a strong sense of camaraderie and connection in our relaxed, elegant environment.

You never know where the right connection may lead. Make new business connections with ease at the country club. Whether over drinks or a rousing game of tennis, you can connect with other professionals at LCC.

4. Deepen relationships

How often do you reach out to your LinkedIn connections? Instead of meeting for coffee once in a blue moon, make it a point to socialize with your existing connections at the country club.

This is more personal and fun than grabbing coffee in a crowded Starbucks. Touch base with one connection each week at the country club. Deepen your professional relationships in a modern, well-kept environment that serves as a backdrop to your important business conversations.

5. Share ideas

Lancaster Country Club’s professional members span a diverse set of industries. You never know where the right watercooler conversation will take your career. Get insights on related industries, the economy, and more as you rub elbows with other leaders in your area. Consciousness is contagious. Walk away from the country club with fresher insights to make better decisions in the boardroom.

The bottom line

The country club is a hot spot for family entertainment, but it’s also a grand setting for business conversations. Whether you’re rewarding employees, entertaining clients, boosting your connections, or looking for fresh ideas, you’ll find it all at the country club.

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