Oct 9, 2020

3 Ways To Cultivate A Love Of Golf In Children

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Golf is one of the most enjoyable yet challenging sports in the world. Whether it’s a leisurely round with friends or in a competitive setting, golf offers an exciting challenge to players of all backgrounds and skill levels. 

Although adults enjoy golf, we weren’t born loving the game—that comes from positive memories and a little bit of practice. If you’re an avid golfer and want to raise a golf-loving family, it’s important to cultivate a love of golf in your children from an early age. 

The key is to make golf exciting on the child’s level. Instead of focusing on form or technique, now’s the time to make golf fun. Follow these 3 tips to help your child explore the game of golf in the safe, professional atmosphere at LCC.

1.Start early

Kids find golf more engaging when they start at a young age. That’s why LCC hosts clinics starting at age 5 to engage your child in the wonder and fun world of golf. 

In the Junior Intro Series clinic, children aged 5-7 play games and build their excitement for golf. The Junior Tigers clinic also builds foundational skills with plenty of fun built-in.

The focus here isn’t to over-correct kids or give them too much structure. We keep it simple with the basics of the game, like putting, with fun formatting that gets kids motivated. 

That’s why LCC’s clinics start with instruction but also include games and prizes. Kids apply what they’ve learned with activities like Golfzilla and Snag Golf. They’re learning golf, but don’t even realize they’re learning because it’s so much fun!

2.Get the right equipment

While programming is important for your child’s love of golf, equipment matters too. As your children grow, they need to adjust the size of their gear. If something is too long or too short, your child just won’t be as successful playing golf—which can make it feel more like a chore, and not a fun activity. 

LCC’s Golf Professionals help junior golfers get appropriately-sized gear to play the game. The right setup helps our junior golfers play to their full potential, which helps them see more wins and find their love of golf. 

3.Make it a family affair

Golf is a fun activity by itself, but many of us enjoy golf because of fond family memories on the green. If you want your child to enjoy golf, make it a family affair!

Memories and family connections boost a child’s interest in an activity. That’s why LCC offers Family Tee Times on the Highland course. Let your children explore golf in a safe, relaxed environment where you can all golf together. 

LCC even hosts parent-child tournaments and clinics for more experienced players. You can invite your kids to practice sessions to see the game in action. With an LCC membership, your kids get access to all golf facilities, so make the most of your membership by bringing the kids to the greens. 

The bottom line

A recent study shows that interest in golf is growing amongst children. As a parent, you’re here to support and encourage your child’s love of golfAt an early age, this is about fun and curiosity. LCC helps junior golfers learn more about the game and improve their technique, but also crave the fun and excitement of golf. If you want to cultivate a love of golf in your children, try these 3 tips at LCC. We set the stage for a lifelong love of golf, which ensures the sport stays a legacy in your family. 

Learn more about LCC families and how they’re enjoying golf as a family. 

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