Dec 16, 2020

Skipping The Dishes With Lancaster Country Club’s Quarantine Cuisine

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When COVID-19 reached catastrophic levels in March of 2020, Lancaster Country Club complied with an immediate shutdown. We still wanted to deliver value and assistance to our members, especially in such a trying time. 

After consulting with Chef Tanner and his culinary team, LCC rolled out several innovative and flexible dining options suited to the pandemic. LCC curbside, catering and marketplace dining were creative options that allowed our members to continue enjoying a taste of their club favorites safely at home.

LCC members were so supportive of these options that we’ve continued offering them even as LCC has reopened our doors! Learn more about our quarantine-friendly cuisine choices to find an option that fits your family’s needs.

1. Curbside Dining

Chef Tanner and the LCC culinary team thought on their feet to institute a quality curbside dining program for LCC’s members. In a matter of days, they devised a system to help our members enjoy the taste of Flynn Grille from the comfort of their home.

LCC informed members of its daily dinner specials via email, and the response was incredible: with an average of 50 - 100 meals to fulfill every night, curbside dining certainly kept our culinary team busy!

Throughout 2020, LCC scheduled flexible pickup times and locations for our carry-out service, ensuring our members received a quality meal in the most convenient way possible. Options included a contact-free option where we placed members’ food directly in their trunks—no need to get out of the car, pick-up options inside the main lobby and at the Flynn Bar window and even a delivery service.

But we knew that our members’ families were missing out on the comforts of pre-pandemic life. That’s why LCC brought back theme nights via curbside. We offered specials like:

  • Lobster night. 
  • LCC’s signature chicken piccata.
  • Taco night (this is always a hit with the kids!).

Instead of stressing over meal planning, prep, and dishes, LCC members could pick up a hot meal from LCC, ready to serve.

2. Catering

LCC’s community goes all-out for the holidays. Of course, with COVID-19, in-person gatherings at the club—or in our homes—haven’t been possible.

Instead of hosting a grand holiday banquets with our members, our culinary team rolled out high-end catering options for at-home celebrations. Instead of worrying about preparing the Mother’s Day roast or the Thanksgiving turkey, our LCC members got to enjoy fresh, flavorful, and convenient catering from Chef Tanner’s team.

Whether it’s Easter, Mother’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, or the winter holidays, LCC now offers catered options that reduce your stress by bringing the flavorful stylings of LCC to your home.

3. LCC Member Marketplace

Who could forget the great toilet paper shortage of 2020? As grocery store supply chains struggled to keep up with shopper demand, LCC opened up our pantry with Member Marketplace.

Many of our members had difficulties sourcing meat, produce, and home goods at the grocery store. That’s why LCC started providing in-demand grocery items to fill members’ needs during such a difficult time. This also allowed our members to skip crowded grocery stores and pickup necessities quickly and safely from LCC.

While the pandemic caused so many disruptions to our daily lives, it’s forced us to get more creative and innovative. LCC is proud to serve our members’ needs no matter what they are, whether you want a quick curbside meal or a fully catered holiday dinner. We’re here to spread cheer and keep our members’ families happily fed during this historic time, bringing your family together at the table without the stress.

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