Mar 12, 2020

4 Benefits of Joining A Country Club for The Whole Family

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Country clubs are known for being hubs of social activity. While you may picture a world-class golf course or a cocktail party when you think of a country club, Lancaster Country Club’s best-kept secret is that it’s the perfect family getaway. From the amenities, to events and engaging programs, there’s something for everyone.

Not sure how the Lancaster Country Club would fit your family’s lifestyle? Learn about the 4 benefits of joining a family-centric country club to get the most out of your membership.

1.Expand your social network

Do you want to meet and make connections with like-minded people?  We ask our members to adhere to a code of conduct. That means you can rest assured that the country club is a safe, appropriate environment for your children. Lancaster boasts a close, tight-knit community where members’ ’s children grow up together. Meet new friends and raise your children with positive influences from the business and community leaders at Lancaster Country Club. 

Enjoy connecting in a laid-back environment for the whole family. Think of our community as your safe haven from a demanding career and busy home life. 

2.Entertain your entire family

We aren’t just a social club for adults. Lancaster Country Club has activities and facilities designed for every member of the family. 

The kids can enjoy time at the pool, partake in some or all of our junior golf programming, or sign up for junior tennis clinics. You can join your kids or choose to relax in our high-end restaurant. Lancaster Country Club is famous for its delicious on-site dining options. We not only offer high-scale, date night dining at the Flynn Bar and Grille, we also regularly feature casual dining theme nights, which  are perfect for the entire family. Theme nights include Taco Night with live-action stations, family-style Fried Chicken Night and Italian Night. On the nights you wish to enjoy a date night, drop the kids off at Kids Night Out which are regularly scheduled evenings dedicated to science experiments, games, or movies so that parents can enjoy a quiet evening together while the kids are taken care of.

3.Share your love of sports with your kids

Put down the iPads and enjoy time with your kids in a low-stress atmosphere. Your kids can join our Stingray swim team, junior team tennis, or try something new on our paddle courts. 

If you have a passion for golfing, share it with your children at Lancaster Country Club. You can take your kids on the green sooner than you think! Start early with the fundamentals to have a golf buddy for life with our robust junior golf programs.

If your child is a competitive golfer or racquet sports athlete, our coaching staff is second to none in the region.

4.Always something new to do

Country clubs are social environments, and Lancaster Country Club is no different! We offer a variety of events tailored to every member of your family. There’s always something on the calendar for mom, dad, and the kids. 

Parents can enjoy networking events, cocktail parties, or a much-needed dinner date. Celebrations like our Home For The Holidays Event, Easter Egg Hunt, Family Fall Fest, and New Year’s Eve Party are geared specifically for the kids. Every year, our team is thinking up creative ways to keep the fun flowing for the kids. For example, this year we’re adding to our events calendar kid-friendly events like Cake Camp, Golf/Tennis/Swim Triathlon, LCC Camp Out, and more!

The bottom line

A country club membership doesn’t just benefit adults. Make the most of your membership by including your children. Lancaster Country Club is designed to entertain every member of the family in a warm, social environment that’s your home away from home. 

Schedule a tour now to learn more about our current facilities and programs. Email Meghan Stambaugh, Director of Membership & Communications at


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