Jun 15, 2020

How The Buckwalters Found Family Fun At The Country Club During A Pandemic

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While much of the US slowly recovers from the throes of the coronavirus pandemic, many families are making lemons out of lemonade. For Lancaster Country Club members, Matt and Kelly Buckwalter, and their family, they found much-needed tranquility at the country club’s grounds during this uncertain time.

In fact, the Buckwalters were able to practice safe social distancing at the LCC while engaging with the club’s plentiful amenities. The Buckwalters relied on the country club’s beautiful grounds, delicious meals, and golf facilities to enjoy a luxurious escape from their home—while staying safe.

3 Ways To Enjoy The Country Club—Even In A Pandemic

Matt originally joined the Lancaster Country Club because he’s an avid golfer. But once the pandemic hit, the LCC became an integral activity hub for Matt and his family. While the pandemic certainly brought a host of challenges, Matt used LCC as a haven for his family, making the most of a difficult situation.

The Buckwalters safely enjoyed 3 relaxing activities as a family at the country club.

1. Highland’s Family Tee times

While the Buckwalters love the Flynn course, they played several rounds of golf as a family on the Highland course. Since Matt and Kelly’s children golf at different levels, the Family Tee times on Highland allowed them to play together as a family without worrying about their pace.

Best of all, Matt’s been able to entice his daughters to play more golf! The Buckwalters enjoyed the time together as a family and bonded over a shared love of golf in a safe environment.

2. Family dinners and takeout

Dine-in wasn’t available during the height of the pandemic, but that didn’t stop the Buckwalters from enjoying the LCC’s delicious food. Instead of cooking at home, the Buckwalters ordered takeout from the LCC for both Easter and Mother’s Day.

3. Enjoying nature

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Not one to stay indoors all day, Matt and Kelly took leisurely evening walks around the LCC course with their children. They treated this as a special time to connect as a family on the beautiful, well-kept lawns of the LCC grounds.

The Buckwalter children particularly enjoyed the abundant wildlife at LCC, including an array of beautiful birds. This time gave the Buckwalters a chance to get much-needed fresh air and spend quality time as a family.

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Matt says the ease of ordering and pickup made it a no-brainer for his busy family. Plus, the food was spectacular! His children loved the LCC DIY pizza kit, which helped them bond as a family and enjoy a great meal together.

The Bottom Line

As LCC begins to relax certain restrictions, the Buckwalters plan on spending more of their summer hours at the country club.

Matt and Kelly’s daughters are particularly thrilled that the pool reopened in early June. They also look forward to playing more rounds of golf as a family and playing tennis again. Matt can’t wait to enjoy LCC’s monthly taco and margarita nights on the country club patio with his friends and family.

The pandemic forced millions of Americans into the refuge of their homes for safety. The Buckwalters made the most of this difficult situation by safely enjoying the amenities at LCC. Matt and Kelly look forward to enjoying LCC as a summertime haven, enjoying a taste of normalcy as we continue to recover.

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