Apr 29, 2022

5 Rules of Golfing Etiquette at LCC


Whether you’re a seasoned golf player or a complete beginner, it’s good to understand the culture and etiquette at the golf course. Unintentional missteps happen, but it’s always good to know what you can expect before you visit a new course.

We recently sat down with LCC’s Director of Golf, Rick Gibson, to get a quick refresher on golfing etiquette and what you can expect during your first round of golf at Lancaster Country Club.

1. Keep our course beautiful

While LCC has a professional team of groundskeepers to keep our courses looking beautiful, it’s also the responsibility of every golfer to leave the course better than you found it. 

Always give the players after you the same conditions—or better—than you had. For example, if an earlier group damaged the grass, it’s proper for fellow players to fix these issues in between plays. 

To keep the course beautiful, LCC asks all golf players to: 

  • Replace your divots
  • Use a soil/seed mixture available on your golf cart to fill in damaged turf
  • Avoid walking on steep faces
  • Raking the area you play from, including raking any footprints
  • Repair indents from the ball hitting the green

2. Bring a caddie along for the game

If you’re under 65 years of age and it’s before 2 PM, LCC requires you to take a caddie along for your round of golf. But regardless of your age or level of experience, it’s always a good idea to have a caddie. 

LCC’s caddies are trained to: 

  • Give you hints about tricky holes
  • Provide inside information on the course and the green
  • Help transport your equipment, making for a more enjoyable game

3. Watch your timing

Golf can be a game of leisure, but even so, it’s important to watch your timing so everyone on the course has a chance to play. Always arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled start time to ensure your group is ready to play. 

It’s also a good idea to manage your time with: 

  • Out of bounds balls: You have 3 minutes to find a lost ball. If you can’t find your ball within those 3 minutes, you can play a second ball, but with a one-stroke penalty.
  • Golf cart management: Poor golf cart management is the biggest reason for delays on the green. Try to efficiently manage your cart, dropping your partner off at their ball before going to yours. Remember to bring the necessary equipment with you to keep the game moving. 
  • The pace of play: LCC rules say that 9-hole rounds shouldn’t exceed 2 hours, while an 18-hole round shouldn’t exceed 4 hours and 5 minutes. Walk at a reasonable pace in between plays. From the time you select your club to when you hit your shot, it shouldn’t take more than 45 seconds. But if you aren’t ready to play, encourage a fellow player to go first so the game can keep moving. 

4. Remember the golden rule

LCC is a welcoming club and family-friendly environment, which means that we ask all players to follow the golden rule: treat other players the way you would want to be treated. 

Don’t step on another player’s line of play. If another player is taking their turn, stop moving, avoid sudden noises, and stay silent until their turn is over—you don’t want to distract them!

And although frustration is understandable if a round isn’t going your way, it’s never acceptable to yell, scream, or throw things as it is distracting and dangerous to the other players. Please remember to keep your composure. 

5. Safety always comes first

We’re here to have fun, safely. That means following common-sense guidelines when driving LCC’s golf carts. Use paths when they’re available, keep the cart 30 feet away from tees and greens, and don’t make sharp turns or sudden stops. 

If there’s even a remote chance that your ball could hit the group ahead of you, or other players, wait for them to get out of the way. It’s also a good idea to yell “Fore” before you play to alert other players. 

The bottom line

Golfing at LCC is a great way to connect with other members, enjoy fresh air, and make memories with the ones you love. These simple rules of etiquette ensure that everyone has a great experience. We know that rules are different from club to club, so when in doubt, consult LCC’s friendly staff if you have any questions. 

Ready to start playing? Get in touch with Lancaster Country Club now to inquire about membership.

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